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ACSS Skin Audit

Imagine going to a doctor for a longstanding health issue, but instead of asking you about your medical history or doing tests to confirm root causes, the doctor prescribes you with generic painkillers. The solution wouldn’t be targeted, probably wouldn’t provide any relief for your symptoms, and wouldn’t lead to a long-term resolution.

The same concept can be applied to professional beauty, because your skin is a messenger, and no two skins are the same.

The skin is our largest organ and its condition tells a story about our internal health, hormonal changes, stress levels, and lifestyle choices.

Beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand, and at ACSS, we believe in a thorough, customised, and holistic approach that brings real and lasting results. We are experts at resolving skin concerns, and it always begins with a skin audit.

OBSERV – A revolutionary journey beneath the skin’s surface

Prior to particular facial treatments, you will undergo a comprehensive skin audit with your therapist.

After looking at your skin, and discussing your history with you to ensure any contraindications are known, the final step is using OBSERV, an award-winning skin scanner.

OBSERV allows us to scan your skin at both the surface and the cellular level, beyond what may be visible to the human eye. We can then pinpoint any bottom-line issues that are compromising your skin’s health from within.

With 6 observation modes, we are able to analyse your skin’s texture, pigmentation, oil flow, hydration levels, collagen production, vascularity and capillaries, as well as bacteria, giving us a 360 degree view on the health of your skin.

A Tailor-Made Skin Prescription

After conducting your skin audit, we design your custom skin prescription, incorporating a series of treatments and product recommendations for at-home care. 

This is our formula for genuine, long-lasting results using products that are right for you, specifically, to resolve any concerns and to elevate the quality of your skin.

We don’t believe in shortcuts, as they do not lead to long-lasting results. Your skin is an organ, and like anything else, significant change requires time and consistency.


Skin Audit

Duration: 45  mins 

Price: $90

Skin Audit with an Introductory Treatment

Duration: 75 mins

Price: $169

ACSS Treatments – Grading System

Our treatments vary in intensity, and the results are cumulative. To achieve powerful, long-lasting results, we recommend a series of treatments depending on your needs and concerns.

Grade 1

Treatments are entry level facials and peels, suited to the beginner, or for those wanting a one-off treatment or add-on option to more in-depth treatments.

Grade 2

Treatments involve advanced facials and peels utilising our professional ranges.

For optimal results, we recommend a course of 4-6 advanced facial treatments, depending on your skin concerns and goals. Since ageing is a gradual and inevitable process that manifests in a series of changes in the appearance and texture of the skin, our goal is to protect your skin cells and improve your auto-repair capacity over time, to allow faster cellular turnover.

Maintenance treatments are recommended to prolong your positive results, and to keep your skin in its optimal condition once your baseline goals have been reached.

Grade 3

Treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical treatments, yielding corrective results. These treatments are designed to rectify skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles, premature ageing, acne and congestion, dullness, rosacea, dehydration or dryness, sun damage and pigmentation, as well as inflammation and sensitivity. 

They can be alternated with Grade 1 and Grade 2 facials as necessary, with a recommended cycle of annual or bi-annual treatments depending upon your skin concerns and long-term goals.

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