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Anna Coleman

“Along with my team, I’m so grateful to help change our clients’ lives on a daily basis. What makes me most proud is that I have clients that have been coming to me for over 30 years because of their results. Empowering them about their skin and changing their outlook and confidence levels has been truly satisfying.”

Celebrated in the Australian beauty therapy landscape for her excellence as a skin guru and electrologist for the last 35 years, Anna’s expertise is truly rare.

Anna’s genuine care and empathy for her clients goes beyond the theoretical, into personal territory. Having suffered from acne and menopausal skin issues, Anna can relate to her clients who experience severe and persistent skin concerns. 

Whether it’s hormonal, age-related, or health-related, Anna has consistently achieved successful outcomes for her clients over the last few decades. She believes in creating change by educating and equipping them about their skincare choices.  This has led to Anna’s success and reputation in building a legacy.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.”

Anna’s commitment to both education and growth allows her to remain at the forefront of the beauty industry, and to create bespoke treatment formulas that supersede mainstream and generic offerings. “It’s about longevity,” says Anna, “achieving skin goals in tandem with the right treatments and routines over time.”

Despite being highly specialised since 1983, Anna regularly trains under global industry experts to stay abreast of the latest technology and trends, and weave them into treatments for optimal results.

As someone who is family-oriented, and deeply treasures her relationships, Anna keeps in close touch with her long-term clients and continues to be a trusted skin and lifestyle confidante for many of them.


Kelly’s Skincare Ethos: “Speaking from personal experience it is vital to your skin and it’s longevity to apply an SPF daily from a very young age. SPF is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine all year round.”

As part of the Anna Coleman family for over 22 years, Kelly’s reputation as one of the most experienced therapists and expert facialists in Sydney is well-earned. 

Struggling with persistent teenage and adult acne meant Kelly tried antibiotics, Roaccutane, and laser, without any success. After finding Anna, who managed to resolve her long-standing skin concerns, Kelly was inspired to make a life change which prompted her to leave her successful travel industry career and switch to beauty therapy. 

Now a passionate skin expert, Kelly is able to empathise with her clients who struggle with acne on a very personal level and assist them with precision and genuine care.

“My passion is to help clients achieve their skin goals with correct home-care and in-salon treatments. I love working with people and seeing happy and satisfied clients.”


Anna’s Skincare Ethos: “I always advise my clients to be mindful of who they take advice from online sources such as Google or social media because true expertise and knowledge come from professional experience in the industry. So many people self-diagnose, listening to the wrong advice, and purchasing skincare that ultimately damages their skin.”

Anna-Claire completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2016, and after gaining experience in a local salon, decided to move to Sydney. Having been at Anna Coleman since 2018, Anna’s passion for skin health, and determination to achieve superior results for her clients is truly impressive.

“My purpose in beauty therapy is to make sure our clients are happy in their skin; that they achieve the results they truly want and need.”


Bec’s Skincare Ethos: “Beauty starts from the inside out. It is just as important to look after your skin from within as it is to take care of it from the outside.” 

As salon coordinator and receptionist, Bec is a new professional addition to ACSS, but well and truly a part of the family after having been a loyal client for 20 years.

With a multitude of professional experiences behind her inclusive of advertising, as well as a passion for wellness and beauty, Bec is a wealth of knowledge and support for clients.

A believer in holistic beauty and as a mother to three beautiful children, Bec leads an active lifestyle. Having lived and traveled extensively has allowed Bec to experience global beauty and spa treatments, yet she is adamant that “Anna Coleman is the best there is. If Anna tells you to do something for your skin, you do it. You will see the results.”

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