Your Guide to LED Therapy: Treat Ageing, Acne, Pigmentation & more

Create Toned, Youthful, Glowing Skin in 20 minutes with Medical-Grade LED

Imagine a contactless treatment with no downtime, that reverses your skin’s trauma, triggers its natural healing response, and produces radiant, youthful skin within minutes.

Having collectively experienced higher stress levels and lifestyle imbalances in 2021, without professional skincare treatments, your skin needs a boost of vitality now more than ever. Whether you are experiencing congestion, signs of ageing, dehydration, acne, pigmentation, or more serious concerns such as psoriasis or eczema, your skin always tells a story.

Medical grade LED therapy can correct multiple concerns at once whilst boosting the immunity of the skin, with the added advantage of being non-invasive and requiring minimal time and investment.

What is LED therapy?

LED is light-emitting diode therapy, and has proven to be one of the most transformational treatments in skincare over the last decade. It is a specialised technology that was developed by NASA to assist astronauts with tissue healing and cellular repair in space.

By using both visible and invisible spectrums of blue, red, and infrared lights to penetrate the layers of the skin, LED therapy triggers the body’s natural cellular functions, kills bacteria, stimulates growth factors, boosts circulation, and expedites tissue repair.

A comfortable and relaxing treatment, LED therapy is the perfect combination of self-care and skincare. Wearing protective goggles, you will lie in a comfortable bed, positioned underneath a light screen, and feel a mild, comfortable warmth from the lights. The light treatment is on 20 minutes, and the light panels can also be positioned to target the chest, back, arms, and legs if necessary.

How does LED work?

As the light wavelengths increase and penetrate deeper into the skin’s cells, they are absorbed by the skin’s receptors. Depending on the colours and wavelengths, a specific cellular response is enabled in the skin. 

Cell to cell communication increases, fibroblasts that produce collagen and other youth-inducing growth factors are stimulated, and cell turnover is increased so that beautiful, new skin can emerge. Blood flow and oxygenation is boosted, allowing the skin to detoxify its impurities and correct nutritional imbalances.

A safe, non-thermal technology, this anti-ageing method has seen over three decades of success in the professional skincare world, either on its own or as an add-on to amplify the results of other treatments. Particularly over the last few years, LED has gained popularity for infusing life and radiance into dull skin, and is often a pre red carpet treatment of choice for celebrities.

Dermalux and Omnilux

At ACSS, we utilise the world’s leading, multi-award winning technologies, Dermalux and Omnilux for medical-grade LED treatments. TGA-approved, clinically-proven, safe, and without any side-effects, both technologies enable us to achieve superior and long lasting results. 

Dermalux has the ability to utilise all three wavelengths (blue, red, and infrared light) at once to target multiple concerns, also known as Tri-wave therapy, but can also be used signally with one light. Omnilux utilises three separate treatment heads with one precise wavelength at a time to treat a specific concern more vigorously. 

Depending on the health of your skin, your goals, and your current skin concerns, our professional therapists will decide which option is best for you, alongside the combination of lights and wavelengths for optimal results.

3 Lights & Wavelengths

Blue Light

Bacteria are sensitive to light, and blue light at 415 nanometres is the most effective way to kill them. Blue LED therapy can powerfully target all grades of acne including P.acne, congestion, and breakouts, and balance sebum production to provide a clarified and healthy complexion. Optimum conditions are created for wound and scar healing as well as prevention of recurrence. Acne clients report an almost 90% reduction in inflammation, and those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and related conditions find that the skin feels calm and soothed.

Red Light

The red light at 635 nanometres is ideal for those experiencing environmental damage, dehydration, and signs of ageing. By stimulating growth factors such as collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid production, the skin experiences complete rejuvenation. Wrinkles are filled, textural imperfections such as large pores or uneven skin tone are repaired, and hydration levels are boosted. Increased microcirculation and oxygenation creates firm, toned skin and a healthy glow. This frequency also treats those suffering from dermatitis, rosacea, dryness, or other related symptoms. 

Yellow or Infrared Light 

This most deeply penetrating wavelength, infrared light at 830 nanometres is highly corrective in treating chronic pain, and comprehensive in elevating the overall health of the skin. Multiple skin concerns such as ageing (including periorbital wrinkles), rosacea, pigmentation, psoriasis, and much more, can be targeted with this light. By triggering the lymphatic system, drainage and detoxification takes place alongside increased cell permeability for optimal product penetration from skincare. The immune system is boosted, deep tissue repair is promoted, and inflammation is decreased. The ideal light to use after skin needling, a corrective facial treatment, or post-surgery to expedite healing, the results are precise and targeted.

Advanced Results at ACSS

We were proud to introduce our contactless, express LED Lounge launched in October 2021.

Relax under our professional, medical-grade LED lights, and create beautifully radiant, healthy skin from within.

LED phototherapy yields cumulative results, meaning, whilst you will notice results after the first treatment, if you are dealing with serious or ongoing skin concerns, or you want a complete transformation in preparation for a special occasion, we recommend a power plan of 12 treatments to create dramatic healing and improvement in the skin. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain results.

Also you may have a one off LED to give the skin a boost or red carpet glow.

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